About Us

Our Vision

To build lifelong confident learners who have the most valued tools necessary for success in a changing world.

Our Mission

To teach and encourage each child to develop and flourish in a happy, supportive and secured environment; enabling them to be confident, challenging, successful, highly self esteemed, productive and positively contributive to the upliftment of our nation.

Core Beliefs

1. To maintain and provide high quality pupil in a conducive, secure and stimulating learning atmosphere
2. To encourage and develop self esteem which will improve the children to be successful in a changing world.
3. To provide activities and experiences that are planned to meet their individual stages
4. To always look at the way to improve educating facilities to newest world, updating the environment layout, equipment and recourses available.

After School

After school service is designed for parents who do not have house helps yet want their wards to be safe hands and environment. AFMS has provided such service where the beneficiary enjoys his/her stay with a well structured time table to make the child’s time with us is meaningfully spent. This service runs from Mondays to Fridays at 2pm-6pm


Our crèche service provides freedom and focus for nursing mothers who are either working or want to concentrate on other line of business. We have experienced mothers to allocated number numbers of babies. This service is open from 6am – 6pm (Mon – Sat)

Pre-Basic: 18months to 5years (Pre- School)

We use Montessori methodology in our preschool and so we are committed to serving children of all religious and ethnic backgrounds between the ages of 2-5 years. We follow the basic Montessori philosophy incorporating Art, Music and Movement, Dance, Computer and Outdoor Play activities.
In our classrooms we use age appropriate activities and learning tools, to create a flexible environment to meet the needs and interests of every child in our care.

Basic: 5 to 11 Years (Basic School)

Teaching from the age of 5 is done by highly qualified staff. This is a special feature of AFMS and gives children from an early age contact with good academic foundation, not available to many children in other settings until secondary school. Our classes average around 15 pupils.

Child Care and Meals

This is an extension of after school service where wards have opportunity of staying till 9pm from Monday to Friday.

During after school and child care services, lunch or/dinner could also be enjoyed by interested parents.